Other photos from Ecuador - Cotopaxi and Chimborazo


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Welcome to Unique Travel Photos .com. This website was set-up to allow me to share some of my travel experiences with you from many different places around the world. The photos have generally been taken using a Canon SLR and Fuji Velvia, or digital camera.

Many of my favourite photos come from the Far East, including Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. There are some nice shots from Angkor Wat near Siem Riep, where Angelina Jolie starred in the Tomb Raider film. There are some great lightning photos above the Mekong River, which were taken using a digital camera - the lightning storm was absolutely amazing, with several lightning streaks every second expanding silently over the night sky, quite a sight. There are a couple of unique photos from Cambodia - check out the 3 pigs, which are warming up to each other in the cold damp mud - try to reproduce that on your own!

Some of the scenic shots are from a trip to Hawaii in 2006, with the expected tropical coast scenery.

I made a trip to Ecuador in 2005, with a hillwalking group to the Andes. There are some stunning shots of Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, two dormant volcanoes with spectacular glaciers. Unfortunately I missed a certain scene as my hands were frozen solid on the way up Cotopaxi, but all the more reason to go back and try again, before global warming reduces the glacier to no more than a light dusting!

Venice is a very touristy area, so I've just added a couple of the shots which are not really seen very often on postcards - the river at night from Rialto bridge, although not perfectly in focus thanks to the slow exposure, is quite atmospheric and certainly unusual. My favourite shot from Venice is the 'Kill the Tourist' shot, partly as I manoeuvred my girlfriend at the time into position without her realising what I was doing. She was taking a photo of the river when I took this, and only afterwards did she realise the pose I had set up. I have been back just this year, and the graffiti no longer exists. The pose should ring a bell with those travellers who are fatigued by the normal package style holidays!

Most recently I made a trip to the Alps and have added some great shots from SE France - more are on the photobox gallery, some are definitely worth taking a further look at.

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